20635164_1151491184995440_8386501318541312000_n(1)HI GUYS!

So, I know I’ve been away for a while but I’ve just got back from the best place in the world. Thats right, Ibiza!

I went away on a girly trip for 5 days to this magical, crazy place with 10 of my closest gal pals & I’m not going to lie. It. Was. INSANE. We stayed at a what we thought was a cute little villa owned by a hostel in San Antonio, HOWEVER, it was not cute. It was hideous! And I mean hideous. By the end of the trip we had named the ants that had taken over our bathroom and grew rather attached to them! Haha!

Other than where we stayed though, it was overall a success. I won’t bore you with the ins and outs and every little detail about what happened, but… I will tell you 3 highlights of our holiday!

  1. ELROW @ Amnesia – It was crazy good! Apart from how busy it was and if you needed the toilet you had to queue for about an hourrrrrrrr but other than that it was so so so much fun! The drinks were ridiculously expensive but that was expected! I did order 2 vodka lemo’s at the bar though and almost collapsed when she said it was 38 euros. We left with an inflatable alien though and he became our BAE for the remainder of the holiday! EL RICARDIOOOOO we named him. 20589424_1961675154067865_3528817324498878464_n
  2. Cafe Mambos – Radio 1 Weekend Closing Party – just wow. Annie Mac was dj’ing along with disclosure and a few others and it was just something else. We arrived early so that we could sit on the rocks outside on the beach and watch the sunset go down which was spectacular, then the madness happened! Honestly if you go to ibiza, you’d be silly to miss out on Cafe Mambos! 20759072_1393784353990613_5004632584928362496_n
  3. Ocean Beach – Now we are talking! This was my kind of scene. I can do the house, techno vibe but its not really very ME, where as this….was! I was in my element. Eating sushi, drinking cocktails, necking back the tequila shots, all whilst looking 10/10 glammed up with my main chicks! Towards the end of the night, when we were all rather drunk we made friends with a group of girls on a hen do but the hen was actually being rather boring so a few of the girls decided to come out with us after! We ended up in Linekers where i was pretending to be a bride getting married in 2 weeks! It was hilarious!!! I was having drinks bought for me left right and centre, the dj (who was fit btw) was giving me shoutouts and getting me bottles of cheap champagne! As well as your standard pole dancing competitions which is always expected in Linekers! All in all it was the best night of my holiday! 20686437_124908224800901_8685627081830170624_n

Thanks so much for reading guys! & if you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to drop me a message on here on Insta etc.

Happy Friday!

Much love,

Becky xo.

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