An insight into lip fillers.

I first got my lips done in June 2016 so coming up to almost a year ago now. After plenty of research, I decided to get them done with Mac Aesthetics in Manchester as I had heard many good things about them, plus some celebrities go there for their lips and botox too, including Marnie and Nathan from Geordie Shore, Cara from Love Island as well as many others.

I was terrified to get them done the first time which is why it took me so long to decide if I really wanted them doing as i’m such a baby but I decided to take the plunge and book in for 0.5 ml of Restylane with Sarah, (obviously I had to bring my best friend along for moral support).

When I arrived, Sarah looked at my lips and advised me to get 1ml put in instead as I had rather wide lips and 0.5ml would do next to nothing for them. So I accepted her advice and went for a ml instead. Straight away after, my lips were super swollen and after being called Pete Burns for the next few days by my friends, the swelling finally went down. I’ll admit they did hurt but the 10 minutes of temporary pain was so worth it for the result I got. As I bruise and bleed easily though, my process of getting perfect lips will unfortunately take longer than I first expected.

The below picture shows my lips before and after the first time I had fillers.

Sarah advised me to drink plenty of water daily to allow the product to settle nicely in my lips, as well as to massage my lips daily to spread the product around. I was also told to get them topped up every 3 to 4 months in my case, to achieve the perfect look I was going for.

Since June, I have had them topped up 3 times; once in August (See picture below)

and once in December both with 1.5 ml of Restylane with Natalie (See picture below).

However, after each top up and once the swelling had eventually settled, I just wasn’t quite seeing the difference in volume that i’d hoped for in my upper lip (loved my bottom lip).

Therefore, for my third top up, I decided to switch it up a bit and go for a different product in my lips called Juvederm Ultra so I booked in for 1.5ml with Natalie again.

Once I arrived, Natalie advised me to go for 1ml of Juvederm in my lips instead and because she had done such a great job previously, I followed her advice which turns out was a good idea. Unfortunately when I booked in for Juvederm at the start of April 2017, it was ‘that time of the month’ and little did I know, you actually bleed more due to thiner blood. Great. Anyway, after I had finally stopped bleeding, my lips weren’t actually that swollen and saw instant results which I loved.

It’s now the end of April and i’m still so obsessed with my lips which I didn’t think would happen but almost a year later i’m finally happy. I think one final top up of 0.5ml Juvederm in my upper lip is needed but i’m almost there and achieved the look I was going for to get my perfect lips and I couldn’t be happier.

17881552_2005774386325881_6667616584472723456_nI couldn’t possibly rate Mac Aesthetics any higher. They have been fantastic with me and done an incredible job on my lips. I would highly recommend any girl for treatments on lips and botox to book in with them! Thank you so much to all the girls there.

Thanks for reading,

Much love, Becky x

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